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model cate largeCate Minotti is the CEO and Founder of LipstickRocks®, a social networking site for all women. Her organization's mantra is "women empowering women." She received her undergrad degree in education and started her career as a teacher and cheerleading coach at a private school. As her career path changed, she gained experience in technical and healthcare sales from medical devices to hospice, palliative care and physical therapy.


Prior to focusing solely on, Cate was Director of Sales and Marketing for a startup healthcare organization. Her entrepreneurial spirit including her sales and marketing background and desire to truly make a difference in humanity has been the driving force to her organization's goal of true, social responsibility.  Cate is also Co-Owner and VP of Operations for a high end web design and development firm in the Washington DC area.


Cate received her MBA in May 2011, and is looking forward to expanding her organization while supporting local charities through continued benefits such as Pink Party DC 2011. Cate is a certified personal trainer, is a member of IDEA Health and Fitness and Project Management Institute (PMI).

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OCT 23, 2011 (11am-3pm)

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