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Teri Galvez

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Teri Galvez is an entrepreneur; she is President of Paradigm Event Management a Marketing, Special Events, and Conference Planning Company which she launched in 1996. Among her clients are Fortune 500 Companies, Non-profits, and National Associations. She and her husband are also developers of “La Fuente” colonial-style vacation homes in the Historic town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

She began her professional career with the California Republican Party, during the Reagan campaign, responsible for securing and placing speakers at the various political events held throughout the state. In 1985 after attending the Inaugural of President Reagan, she fell in love with Washington DC, decided to remain there, and began her career in the hospitality industry. Working at numerous luxury hotels in DC including the “infamous” Watergate Hotel for seven years where she was responsible for the Diplomatic sector the Entertainment industry.

Teri has served on the Advisory Board of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship for eight years, is on the Board of Trustees of Voices for America’s Children, and is a Vice Chair of the District of Columbia Republican Party.

In 1983 Teri participated in the Miss California and as a grateful beneficiary of the Miss America scholarship program she felt it important to volunteer and help other young women to prepare for great careers and to reach their goals. Teri is Executive Director of the Miss District of Columbia Scholarship Organization (a volunteer position). Under her leadership the District of Columbia has had two Top 10 placements and 1 Top 5 in the Miss America competition in the past 5 years.

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